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Relentless Testing
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Don't Go Dark
Do it in an inspector
No, do it in a workspace
No, do it in an object
ENVY Discipline
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Functional Tests
Just set the halt

Let Smalltalk tell you
You're NOT gonna need it (YAGNI)
Code ownership
Pair programming
Do the simplest thing

that could possibly work
Switch teams around

Unit Testing
Project Variables
They're just rules

This section includes the eXtreme Programming practices originally written up for the famous "C3" project.

Please note - these are notes from an ongoing project, full of spirit, who embraced XP and made it work. If it reads like the work of a team of believers, that's because it is. This isn't a carefully-framed sales document for XP, it's a day in the life of people who do it and love it and are telling you. Please read it in that light.

The practices described here are the specific ones used by the C3 team, the first XP project. Some of what C3 did was specialized to their environment. Some of these specializations worked really well, and might work for you. However, the real practices are those described in the published books about XP. Please read this section with that in mind.

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